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Sex, Drugs and Alcohol: A Toxic Cocktail

Scientific studies of the effect of alcohol consumption on human behavior show that there are three stages of behavioral change, determined by the amount of alcohol you consume. If you consume a small amount of alcohol, it helps you relax and removes tension. If you consume a larger amount, it removes your inhibitions. If you… Read More »

Bar Fight: Could I Face Charges for Trying to Break it Up?

The Hurricane, a WWE wrestler whose real name is Gregory Shane Helms, was involved in a bar fight in Smithfield after another man touched his girlfriend. Both men were cited for simple affray, and ordered to appear in court. When police are called in to deal with a bar fight, they often arrive at a… Read More »

Human Trafficking in North Carolina

A human trafficking story in Guildford County recently came to light after deputies from the Guildford County Sheriff’s Office, following a lead, discovered a female being held in a house against her will. The 16-year-old victim, given the alias of “Jane” for privacy purposes, moved in with her then 40-year-old boyfriend and was forced to… Read More »

Can I Be Prosecuted for Using My Dad’s Credit Card without Permission?

Statistics cited by the North Carolina Department of Justice show that North Carolina ranks 23rd among U.S. states for identity theft, with more than 300,000 incidents per year. Nationwide, the number of cases of identity theft rose by 13% in 2011. In the internet-dominated era in which we live, identity theft is a modern example… Read More »

Proposed Law Would Relax Restrictions on Carrying a Concealed Weapon

A North Carolina Senate bill proposes to relax the laws limiting the carrying of a concealed weapon. Sponsored by Senator Buck Newton of Wilson County, the bill would allow a holder of a concealed firearm permit to store a firearm in a locked car on a college campus and to wear a concealed weapon in… Read More »

If You Are Accused of a White Collar Crime

John C. Tausche, a resident of Blowing Rock, NC, stands accused together with his coconspirator, Helmut Kiener of Aschaffenburg, Germany, of stealing some $311 million. The FBI revealed on February 7th that the two men would be charged with bank fraud and money laundering in relation to several hedge fund scandals. The scheme involved defrauding… Read More »

Your Rights: Search Warrants

Kenneth Alexander Hewitt is being held on $500,000 bail after he shot at police officers attempting to execute a search warrant in the city of Hickory, NC. According to police reports, the officers stormed the private home on January 22nd and immediately came under fire from a number of assailants within the property. Police officers… Read More »

Take Care of Your North Carolina Arrest Warrant

Nicholas Burnett Clark and Amanda Hendley are headed back to North Carolina after they were apprehended in Myrtle Beach. The couple stands accused of killing their two year-old-daughter and fleeing to South Carolina to escape justice. While an arrest warrant had been issued for the two in March of 2012 when the child died, police… Read More »

Can You Get Your Records Sealed/Expunged?

Dorothy Woods turned her life around following a conviction on drug trafficking in 1997 — a conviction the Charlotte, NC mother of three says was the result of “a bad decision” she deeply regrets. However, in spite of having gotten a job as a nursing assistant and owning a home, her record from that one… Read More »

The Effect of Drugs on Crime

Larry Reid Jr. and Elizabeth Sue Donaldson are the latest statistics in an ever-burgeoning category of criminals in the United States and especially here in North Carolina. The two Cherokee County residents robbed a Parker’s Drug Store at gunpoint on February 3rd, looking for narcotic pills. Police reports state that the two of them managed… Read More »