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New Concealed Weapons Law Creates Conflicts Amongst Constituencies

With the ink barely dry on a new North Carolina statute that has enlarged the rights of residents to carry concealed weapons, controversies are already brewing. Subject to certain restrictions, the law in question expands the arena in which concealed handguns may be legally carried, covering bars, restaurants, public school campuses, universities, parades, funerals, movie… Read More »

U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Affect Sentencing

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Marvin Peugh, who contested the sentencing guidelines used by the court after his conviction for bank fraud in 2009. The case related to whether a court ought to use the sentencing guidelines in place at the time of trial or the guidelines in place when the… Read More »

Hazing Can Harm Those That Do It Too

A report published by the National Collaborative for Hazing Research and Prevention at the University of Maine shows that 55% of college students across the United States that participate in clubs, organizations and athletic teams are subject to hazing, with the most common forms of hazing being alcohol consumption, sleep deprivation, isolation, humiliation and sexual… Read More »

Felony Death by Vehicle 101

A Durham police officer was arrested in California after a fatal crash. Joshua Christensen, 26, a resident of Raleigh, was on military leave from his regular job in the Durham Police Department when his pickup truck crossed over to the wrong side of the road and collided with a motorcycle. Ralph Watson, the motorcyclist, sadly… Read More »

How to Post Bail for Someone Arrested for a Crime

Pa Gibbi Njie is being held on charges of possession of counterfeit instruments. The 25-year-old resident of Raleigh, NC had 38 cartons of cigarettes in his truck when he was pulled over on a routine traffic stop. Njie also had a large number of phony gift cards with him. According to an article in The… Read More »