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Category Archives: Drug Crimes

Prescription Drug Trafficking in North Carolina

This past March, a U.S. district court judge in North Carolina sentenced Elisa Annette Baker to 10 years in prison for conspiracy with intent to distribute prescription drugs. Between 2006 and 2010, Baker conspired to distribute large quantities of hydrocodone, oxycodone and Alprazolam. In addition, Baker fraudulently obtained prescriptions from a number of physicians and… Read More »

Marijuana, Medical or Otherwise, Remains Illegal in North Carolina

North Carolina advocates in the nationwide fight to legalize medical marijuana have lobbied for legislative efforts to promote what they characterized as a compassionate medical marijuana program. Rep. Kelly Alexander has sponsored bills throughout the last three years that would permit those suffering from various medical problems to treat their conditions with marijuana, a practice… Read More »

Is the Party Over for Designer Drugs?

Two North Carolina 19 year olds were recently arrested and charged with trafficking in MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), known by the monikers ecstasy or molly. First introduced to the masses close to 30 years ago, MDMA has remained popular with young club goers due to the euphoric effect it produces in users and the perception that it… Read More »

Traffic Stops Lead to Drug Arrests

A North Carolina man recently learned the hard way that everyday traffic stops are often anything but routine. When the man was pulled over for a common moving violation, officers noticed his suspicious demeanor, a strong odor of marijuana, and what appeared to be a large clear baggie of the leafy green drug in plain… Read More »

“Shake-and-Bake” Methamphetamine Production No Treat

Beginning in the late 1980s, methamphetamine quickly emerged as the drug of choice in certain areas, with North Carolina ranking in the top 15 percent of states producing this deadly street drug. While users are drawn to the extended high the drug provides, characterized by elevated energy levels and increased alertness, its dangerous side effects… Read More »

Back to the Lab: Resource Crunch Delays Drug Prosecutions in North Carolina

With usage up almost 400 percent in North Carolina, statistics indicate that a large percentage of crime committed in the state is directly or indirectly connected to drugs. In many counties, officials are seeing immediate consequences, with drug use linked to property crimes, homicides and overdose deaths. While some of the most severe abuse involves… Read More »

The Criminal Dangers of Addiction to Prescription Drugs

A husband and wife from Taylorsville were arrested in mid-June for possessing and selling a controlled substance to undercover deputies from the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office. Joshua and Jennifer Steffey sold an undercover officer prescription drugs from their home. After the arrests, officers searched their home and seized additional prescription drugs. Mr. Steffey was charged… Read More »

Possessing and Selling Counterfeit Drugs

Joe Tommy Smith, a Wake Forest resident, was arrested by an undercover police officer after he sold the officer a white powder, which he claimed was cocaine. Although tests carried out on the substance revealed that it was not cocaine, Smith still faces charges ― for violating a state drug law that makes it a… Read More »

The Effect of Drugs on Crime

Larry Reid Jr. and Elizabeth Sue Donaldson are the latest statistics in an ever-burgeoning category of criminals in the United States and especially here in North Carolina. The two Cherokee County residents robbed a Parker’s Drug Store at gunpoint on February 3rd, looking for narcotic pills. Police reports state that the two of them managed… Read More »

Drug Trafficking Means Trouble

Alejandro Salinas Garcia, 31, and Cesar Sierro-Pineda, 34, are to spend life in prison following sentencing in separate cases, both filed in federal court. Garcia was convicted of conspiracy to traffic cocaine, having imported more than 1,300 pounds (600KG) of the drug into the United States in an operation lasting from 2002 to 2009. Pineda… Read More »